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Wed 14 Dec 2016
Wed 18 Jan 2017

The Canadian Chamber in the Czech Republic

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic is here to help its members expand their businesses in the Czech Republic, through its numerous business and social events and multiple networking opportunities.

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Czech Economy in facts

A total of 86% of Czech managers think that a less complicated way of the collection and administration of taxes should be the priority measure of the Czech tax policy. This stems from the survey Puls společnosti conducted by the company KPMG Česká republika. A total of 54% of respondents would appreciate a fixed upper threshold for annual payments from wages for the social security insurance. One third of managers would also appreciate a decrease in payments for the social security insurance. Some 46% of respondents would appreciate the introduction of an equal tax on income of individuals. On the other hands, respondents do not support for instance a growth in taxes on property (only 4% of respondents would agree with that) or a reduction of excise tax rate(6%).

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Dear Members and Friends of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic,

The Board of Directors and Chamber staff are committed to organising events which will provide our membership with an effective platform for business and social networking and entertainment.

I am prepared to help our members introduce their business actvivites and, further, to connect them with potentional business partners within our Chamber. As well I am open to discussing ideas and suggestions which can increase the attractivness of the Chamber to its members.

Sincerely yours,
Jiří Krejča

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